BT Notifier - Smart Notifier App Reviews

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Not good

I didn’t like it. Not worth anything. It’s not what I was expecting.


Stay away from these notifiers with a Apple phone.

Too bad there isn’t a zero rating!

A complete waste of money and time! I have already deleted the app after an hour or less.

Another unsatisfied customer

Doesnt work 😓


Connectivity 👍👍👍

Is there a way to Get a refund?!?

This app is a total piece of crap and I literally need a refund because the watch is great but I just spent five bucks on an app I don’t even need😡 save your money and don’t download because all your gonna get is dissapointment.

Don’t download

It’s crap it don’t work!

Crap software don’t download it

We purchased a smart watch for my daughters xmas gift and now having being told we need to download this crappy software to sync with her iPhone . Now that we download it the POS software does not Bluetooth with her phone and now being told I need to pay another $1.99 for some Aerlink software😡. Apple please kick these losers off the App Store please they are a bunch of selfish fools creating crappy software and charging un-nessasary fees!! Wish I can give negative stars to these fools


Refund me !!!!

Waste of money!!!

This has been the worst app I have ever purchased. It does not connect to your watch or anything. Just plain dumb!!!


Don’t waste your money on this app, it doesn’t work like it supposed to. It is just a waste of data, time, and money. I have submitted refund request to apple itunes. One star because it is the minimum


I downloaded that app that than told me to buy ANOTHER i want my 8$ back or i’m suing for false advertisement 🤷🏾‍♀️

Waste of Money

I know reviews are all opinion. However, after installing this app I tried to pair it with my smart watch(not an Apple Watch) and it would not give a code on my watch to pair it with. After many tries and a google search of any alternative options, I feel this app is just for the producer to gain $5.99. Please be cautious before purchasing this app.

Waste of money

I want my money back- this app is useless.

Does not work!

Doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your money


i literally wasted my money was unable to connect the watch

Terrible. I want my money back

Doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money


Don’t buy it if you think it’s going to pair with your smartwatch!! Waste of money!!!!!

This app is a piece of junk

Do not download this app.

Waste of money

Got this stupid smart watch and it told me to get this dumb app! Won't even connect to the watch! Don't waste your money on this app!

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